The corporate identity that will be designed for Umosis was primarily used in the logo to make the distribution network stand out, and a simple paper clip for the impression provided to the consumables.

At the point of attachment of the paperclips, U and M letters were highlighted and the ending point was lost to white color in a minimalist way. Thus, the end point for the continuity and development of the brand has been left open.

Both sites were established to provide quick solutions in terms of printing. supports toner quickly to offices and corporates while the offers support for machines and companies.

The colors are based on the shades of gray and gray to give the OfiseToner the impression of trust and strong stance.

It was supported by two shades of blue in the name of reflecting her rhetoric and corporate life to the user.

Since was established as an e-commerce system, a frame was created that gave a protective impression by focusing on the safety of its priority.

An abstract key was made using the letters O and T in the frame.

It was provided with a minimalist ribbon showing the fast transfer of the organization over the key.