According to the functionalization of QL Hotel, there is a formal structuring that follows itself meticulously. 

The concept primarily aims to reconcile the dynamics that are divided into two different sides. Therefore, architecture is changing from one end to the other in response to buildings rising on one side and lowering on the other side.

While offering social spaces in the area where it is located, it has an architectural structure with the most important effect; time. 

The facade also carries the abstract traces of a clock.

Square entrance from metro
Limpid roofed multi-purpose hall

QL’s architecture’s offered functions and solutions for urban context.

The Levent area is used for the evaluation of leisure time during the breaks and on the weekends. The awnings, which had previously taken place in Turkish culture, were used to create the structural trace of the main square.

This lightweight steel structure such as a cover placed on the top of the architecture of the functions of the lower levels, while at the same time provides the integrity of the separation for the hotel. 

Structural Solution

In order the structure to be able to stand, a suitable solution was required for its curving structure. The layers remaining in each surface that are parametrically interlocked are almost identical in size.

In order to leave the differences in a structurally smooth manner, the tiny traces that came out from the front were left in the façade design.

It extends 24 floors above the center of a single colonization system. Exterior glazings covered in the exterior of the structure are connected to this carrier system from the bottom of the floor.

The façade design of the hotel is composed of a large exterior glazing, which is combined in a layered form and is calculated in a parametric way, which is intertwined with one another and thins itself as it rises upwards.

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