The project examined the dual movements of the land. One movement consisted of sharp corners and the other movement was drawing curve lines

While the spaces were shaped according to the uses, these orientations provided one of the necessary inspiration for the architecture.

While the concept approach of the project was set up, it was aimed to design the building in accordance with the Leeds certification system.

All of the materials that are required by the certification system, water efficiency, innovation in operation, energy & atmosphere, indoor environmental quailty, materials & recources have all come to life in the project.

Multi-purpose areas and private-use spaces are decomposed  from main buildings. The operation systems of the panels are described below and are shown in renderings. (03,04 & 05)

Blurring the built environment with natural, aspires to collect and redistribute the pontential of the sun light with movable and angled panels while setting the mood and needed places for exhibition and giving experiences to inside places with curvilener architectural façade. 

At the same time, the panels that exploit daylight are produced to meet the electricity and heating needs for different time periods. Panels are designed with use fully recyclable wood.

03. Public plazza
04. Museum space
05. Museum space
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